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Networking Tips Learned from Serving as a Lady-In-Waiting To the Court in Exile of Queen Geraldine of Albania.

Hungarian born Geraldine, was a cousin of enduring charm and beauty. King Zog of Albania saw her photo when she was 20 and invited her to visit his country. She arrived with her chaperones and, as he had hoped, fell in love. Their wedding was triumphant. 50,000 children in native costumes sang and applauded. The plot however turned. Less than a year later, still bleeding from the birth of her son, she was carried to a vehicle on a mattress and the couple escaped from the Italian invaders. She, the king and his entourage began an odyssey that would ultimately land them in Egypt at the invitation of King Farouk. It was there that I met her as a small child and was privileged to visit her in Alexandria each summer for the next 6 years.

Later we went our separate ways. My family emigrated to the US and she ultimately went to Spain after her husband passed away. Much to my surprise she contacted me after my US college graduation and asked whether I would be interested in joining her as a lady in waiting in Madrid. I spent a memorable year with her and remember well the many lessons she taught her “ladies” to help strengthen her position in Madrid. Click to continue reading…