Use the elements of your personality to fast forward your
career success.

Take a self scoring quiz and define your work related strengths, range of suitable careers and ideal work environment, read more.

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Personality Power

Discover Your Unique Profile
And Unlock Your Potential for Breakthrough Success

Identify and harness the core strengths of your personality style to immediately improve your job performance, satisfaction and success.

Complete the 10-minute award-winning self-assessment, and turn to the in-depth chapter devoted to your style. The charts, exercises and inspiring success stories will help you leverage your natural talents and find the fulfillment and recognition you deserve.

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Find and Keep Your Ideal PartnerTHE GUIDE TO FINDING &

Take a self-scoring assessment and use your personality code to create more love & less conflict in your relationships. It may change your life forever!

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“As a new bride, I found this material incredibly helpful. Thank you for the best gift ever.”
Susan Maloney, San Francisco, CA


The Breakthrough System for Achieving Power & Influence

What do successful women share in common? How do they differ? Combining a 38-item self-scoring quiz and exercises with 37 in-depth interviews of powerful women in finance, business, politics and entertainment, Women and The Leadership Q presents a hands-on breakthrough system to help readers identify and build on their “signature” leadership style. Profiles include Diane Sawyer, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Hillary Clinton, Christie Whitman,
Wendy Wasserstein, Alexandra Lebenthal, Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Senator Kay Hutchison.

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“To know your color style allows you to be energized and most effective.”
Chicago Sun-Times
“Color Q is like magic! It changes everything in your life!”
S. N. Firth, NY

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  • "Awareness of the variety of styles was a career-altering event. It has provided me with a strategic advantage in many career & personal situations."
    K. O’Hare, Partner

    "Your presentation was both educational and entertaining and we have received tremendous feedback from all who attended."
    T. Kamradt, Partner
    Baker & Hostetler LLP

    "Zichy scores a bull’s eye in showing leaders how to understand their strengths and use them to work and manage more effectively."
    P. Tanous, President
    Lepercq Lynx Investment Advisory

  • "I have successfully used Color Q with hundreds of associates to increase their awareness of personality and leadership style, which has resulted in higher performing teams. It is an incredibly fun, memorable and effective resource!"

    Rehana Farrell
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Guggenheim Investments

    "I recommend Personality Power, a unique reading selection in today’s crowded business literature. The ideas work; the suggestions are easy to remember. One can bring out the best in oneself and others while succeeding on the job. The key is to insightfully access and understand the personalities that surround us in our work environment."

    Sergio I. de Araujo
    AnSer Latin American Opportunities Fund

    "We all know that 'people skills' are important in one’s career. Perhaps no one has defined those skills and their potential applications as well as Shoya Zichy. At last, the mysteries of successful, professional interactions are solved -- laid out in plain English and organized to allow the reader to immediately understand difficult personality types."

    Ellen Reynolds
    Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer
    The Segal Group, Inc.

    "Leadership is about bringing out the best in people or an organization. This book provides a unique framework, combining business experience and psychological insight."

    Kathleen Waldron
    William Paterson University

    "We've reviewed dozens of personality profile approaches and what I love about the Color Q method in this book is that it does what personality assessments rarely do well - it answers the great 'so what?' question. We coach with Color Q because it gets to this extremely important bottom line - finding a job that really fits, and keeping it."

    John Courtney
    NextJob, Inc.

    "Personality Power opens the floodgates to improved profitability, productivity, and communication. Individuals who embrace the principles in this book are happier, more productive and committed to their career choices; organizations learn how to make internal and external meetings and conversations more successful and less stressful, and ensure that the 'right people are in the right seats on the bus.'"

    Jeannette Hobson
    Senior Vice President
    Eastern Division
    Vistage International