The personality groups below are brief descriptions of the four Color Qs. For more detailed descriptions of how each operates in a wide variety of settings, see books.

(46% of the population)
Grounded, realistic and accountable,
Golds are the backbone of institutions of all kinds – corporate and public. They are society’s protectors and administrators – of people, goods, schedules and services. They value procedures, respect the chain of command and have finely tuned systems for everything, from raising children to running large divisions. Golds create lists, get involved in details and are known for following through and mobilizing others to achieve concrete goals. They dislike change, abstract theories and new ideas that have not been tested. As leaders, they shine in establishing policy and readily accept the responsibility of leadership both at work and in volunteer activities so as to ensure projects remain orderly and on track. Known Golds include Barbara Walters, Warren Buffett, Queen Elizabeth and Colin Powell. (Golds correspond to the Myers-Briggs SJs.)

(10% of the population)
Theoretical, competitive and always driven to acquire more knowledge and competence, Blues are unequaled when it comes dealing with complex, theoretical issues and designing new systems. They seek knowledge for its own sake and are driven to challenge and test ideas and authority. Their first reaction is to critique and set their own benchmarks against which they measure everyone and everything. They are highly precise in thought and language and future oriented, trusting only logic not the rules or procedures of the past. As leaders, Blues are visionary and do best in positions requiring strategic thinking. Their interest is in improving the idea or organization. Then, they move on, with little interest in maintenance and consolidation or for explaining the complexities of a plan that, to them, seems so obvious. Blues include Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, George Soros and Condoleezza Rice. (Blues correspond to the Myers-Briggs NTs.)

(27% of the population)
Action-oriented, spontaneous and focused on “now,” Reds need freedom to follow their impulses, which they trust over the judgment of others. Cool headed and ever courageous, they are proud of their ability to handle a crisis better than most. They excel as negotiators and troubleshooters and are often found in careers that provide lots of freedom, action, variety and the unexpected. Work must be fun and the environment collegiate. Reds resist schedules and hierarchies. Long term planning is a low priority as each day brings its own agenda. As leaders, they bring excitement and a sense of expediency. Reds observe the system, figure out where the breakdown and errors occur and rapidly implement the needed corrections. Famous Reds include Donald Trump, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, JFK, Ronald Reagan and Christie Whitman. (Reds correspond to the Myers-Briggs SPs.)

(17% of the population)
Empathetic, humanistic and expressive, they excel in areas
with a human-interest focus. Greens are most productive in an environment that is idea-oriented, supportive and egalitarian. They need variety and the chance to creatively bring about change and impact the lives of others. Gifted in their understanding of people’s motivation, they have an unusual ability to influence and draw the best out of people. They also excel in verbal and written communications and are heavily represented among writers, TV anchors and biographers. As leaders, Greens are enthusiastic spokespersons for the organization or cause of their choice. They dramatize the mundane into something special, creating a unique charismatic quality that sweeps others into their cause. Famous Greens include President Obama, Oprah, Bono, Gandhi, Gorbachev and Diane Sawyer. (Greens correspond the Myers-Briggs NFs.)

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