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Wednesday’s guest was Shoya Zichy, author of “Career Match – Connecting Who You Are with What You’ll Love to Do.” Ms. Zichy is also an international seminar leader and creator of the Color Q Personality Profile system. Welcome, Shoya.

Shoya Zichy: Thank you. It is great to be here Shoya is with us for one hour today to field your questions on finding the career that best fits your personality. Do you feel you are in the right job but the wrong field? Or maybe the wrong job in the right field? Or maybe you feel like a complete fish out of water? Fire away with your questions about your personality and job, Shoya’s Color Q types, and the ladder of success. Let’s get started.

J_J: Sometimes I feel personality profiles end up minimizing people and their opportunities….when do you think they are misused?

Shoya Zichy: When a profile puts people in a box it is counterproductive. You need to understand that people can flex. But understanding your true self is very helpful to find job satisfaction

Shoya Zichy: So you can use the profile as one of many tools.

needing_change: How important is getting along with a boss at a job? I find that I get along with most of my bosses, but after a while the jobs always sour.

Shoya Zichy: Getting along with your boss is one of the most important factors to success. He/she can either be your champion or detractor. Why does your job sour?

Shoya Zichy: Perhaps it is that your job is not suitable with your natural strengths or you are getting bored, then look at other components such as the nature of the work and environment

RogerThat: Hello, Shoya – what is the best way to determine my personality type in your system? In Myers-Briggs I am an INTJ, but would it help me to know more in your color system?

Shoya Zichy: In my system that would be a Blue/backup Gold Extrovert. My system provides some new information based on my proprietary research such as how does your personality impact your approach to money and negotiations

Shoya Zichy: Also every time you read a new way of looking at things you learn new things about yourself. My material is based on over 15 years of work experience in large corporations both here and abroad

gff: Can you please explain the Color Q types?

Shoya Zichy: there are four groups

Shoya Zichy: Golds are grounded accountable and responsible

Shoya Zichy: Blues are theoretical competitive and imaginative

Shoya Zichy: Reds are action oriented, focused on now and good troubleshooters

Shoya Zichy: Greens are empathetic, creative and expressive

LH: Shoya, what is the basis of your personality Color Q theory? Is it scientifically valid? Do you have data over time that different personalities fit best in different jobs?

Shoya Zichy: Color Q is based on the work of Carl Jung, the research of the Myers Briggs community and the temperament work of Dr Keirsey. I have tested it on 15,000 people worldwide

Shoya Zichy: My data on job fit is based on my research and that of others in the community

WendyO: I have a friend who took a career-interest test, and he came up very low in every category. He’s barely employed right now, and doesn’t know what to do. It’s almost as if he’s given up. Is there anything I can do to help him figure out what to do?

Shoya Zichy: There may be other things going on like depression or low self esteem. I would try to get to the bottom of that before doing further career testing. Then he should take many different tests, personality, skills, values etc and speak with a counselor who can see patterns.

LH5: Do you really think different people work best in different kinds of jobs? I am skeptical. I do know this: loud people work in sales – they are all around my cubicle!

Shoya Zichy: They absolutely work best in a job that allows them to use their natural strengths. Not only will they feel more energized but will be more appreciated by others around them.

Shoya Zichy: Regarding loud people in sales – they are probably extroverts who need to talk a lot and interact continuously. perhaps you are an introvert who needs time alone. Can you move your cubicle?

Pyrra: I’m thinking of transitioning from corporate America to academia. I’m working on the masters to get me there, but are there other things I can do in my current job to help give me better qualifications for the move? Thanks for you time!!

Shoya Zichy: A masters is a beginning but you will probably have to go further. The best way to transition into a brand new field is to do information interviews i.e. c all up friends, and contacts who are in the field and ask for 20 minutes of their time to find out

Shoya Zichy: what you need in credentials

Shoya Zichy: how to get the right experience

Shoya Zichy: that will tell you whether this is the right direction for you.

chatty: I have a big interview, what is the most important thing I should do and not do?

Shoya Zichy: Research the company, the culture and the people you will be interviewing with.

Shoya Zichy: Then practice with a trusted friend or family member. Have questions ready. The more you know about the company the more you will impress them. Get a good night sleep and stay centered.

Fizzle: I am no longer happy at the company i am with. I have been job hunting and have gone on a few interviews. I am definitely going to leave my current company but can’t afford to be without income, and so need to continue working while interviewing. I am in a client service role, not sales. I am concerned about the need to continue asking for time off under the guise of “dr’s appointments”. Should I just tell my manager I am looking so that I don’t have to keep lying?

Shoya Zichy: I would not tell my manager because then he is obligated to find someone to replace you before you are ready. Find ways to meet after or before work or during lunch. The prospective employer will understand that you are currently employed and cannot just appear at the drop of a hat.

Nicolina08: What are good jobs for Gold personality types?

Shoya Zichy: Golds do very well in any management role and job that draws on their precision and accuracy, bankers, dentists. They like well established and structured companies. Most of all they like to run things.

Eaglesfan: I am a 28 yr old undergrad student having trouble choosing a career. I would conside myself a Blue/Gold profile. Any ideas? I work in an accounting dept. now, and can’t stand it.

Shoya Zichy: Blues do not like the amount of detail and repetition that you are doing. You need a job that allows you to create new stratgies and work with a variety of projects.

Shoya Zichy: Blues do well in research (introverts) strategic planning. journalism etc. there are many careers to chose from. Variety and intellectual stimulation is key.

Jennifer: I have a friend who seems to have all of the qualities you mentioned – how do you categorize such a person?

Shoya Zichy: Yes but he/she will have more of some. He/she needs to take the full test, this cannot be simplified into 2 lines.

mama: any books to recommend to someone who has no clue about what job to do after kids start school?! thanks so much!!

Shoya Zichy: Apart from mine, one of the recurrent favorites is What Color Is My Parachute and

Shoya Zichy: Julie Jensen’s Book – I don’t know what I want to do but I know it is not this.

coop2: As an INTP (Blue) what should I do? I pretty much know that I want to leave corporate America unless it is a small company that is a perfect fit.

Shoya Zichy: Research of all type would be of interest – As would the computer field. Typically you would not enjoy actually running a company but there are always exceptions.

Shoya Zichy: You of all type need to immerse yourself in cutting edge information fields

Eva_B: I really like what I do for my non-profit job but the pay is terrible, is it possible to do what u love and get paid great?

Shoya Zichy: Non Profit can pay well if do grant writing, development work or work your way up the management ladder. Or you can look other “social” fields – community service work, teaching etc.

Shoya Zichy: I assume you are young. just go ahead and find a new one and explain why your last one did not work out. Or maybe it is time to look at another field. It depends why it did not last long – company budget or lack of fit?

Schmoop: Hi Shoya, I am having a mid-life crisis. I have woken up and realized I don’t know what to do with my life. I am currently in sale, and while that has been paying my bills nicely, I am tired of hawking someone else product. I am really somewhat of an introvert and love nature.

Shoya Zichy: Sales could definitely be stressful in the long run for an introvert. Look into conservacy work and or any field that involves “the greening of America” It depends on whether your finances allow you a little experimentation.

JC: I am 43 and have had 3 major careers in my life. I have a bachelor degree in business admin. and a masters degree in educatrion. I was in management, then education & now real estate. I am am always successful–by financial and normal standards, but I am not happy. I am concerned I will never find my passion. What should I do?

Shoya Zichy: The best indicator of passion is what I cal “peak experiences” times when you loved what you were doing, time did not matter and others told you you were doing well. Outline 4-6 of those types of events in your life then discuss with a spouse, friend or career coach to find the pattern for a new field.

Wally: I want to work for myself but lack the know-how on where to begin. Do you think it is wise to give up a good paying job to search for happiness?

Shoya Zichy: Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. You have to deal with many details, take risks and do a lot of marketing. You need to attend a couple of sessions on starting a small business. Usually the small business administration offers them. Don’t give up a good job until you have done thorough research

Shoya Zichy: Also there is the route of becoming a “consultant” to your current employer.

MrsG: I left my job a few months ago and am having trouble motivating now. At first I was networking like crazy but it just doesn’t seem like there is a job that fits my creative nature. I love music, art and writing but finding that there isn’t anything I can do. Can you suggest an avenue I can pursue with these traits/skills?

Shoya Zichy: There is something you can do but you need to keep at the networking and research. Creative people have a harder time but those areas should have some openings.

Mel: Shoya, I am a female attorney who stopped practicing to raise my children and care for ailing parents. My passion has always been music-I am an accomplished singer-and as time goes by I continue to ache to do it professionally. Is this silly?

Shoya Zichy: there are two avenues. One to do it as a weekend or evening hobby which can ultimately lead to paying gigs. Or to see about working the intellectual property area that involves music.

Sarah: I just logged on and have a question. I am 45 years old. 3 beautiful children and a great husband. we are a dual working family. I like to work and dont mind to work, but I would love to find something valuable and creditable to do at home. Right now I am an ad min in a real estate company, I had been a realtor in the northeast and realized about 6 months ago I needed something more steady…I am a hard worker and dont mind doing the littliest thing or the most important. I fit into your gold profile. I am use to being busy…

Shoya Zichy: I would work for another company that would allow you to work 3 days a week from home. Many companies are open to that now. Time for just one or two more questions, folks.

jc_2: would you recommend takign additional meyer-brigg tpe testing? i did, ages ago, and was hoping for some real inspiration from it. it cam back to say detail/office type work was ideal. this is what i do, am good at it, but it bores me to tears. can your career personality change over time? or is just my job? i’ve been here just over 12 years now. thanks.

Shoya Zichy: I think my book will give you many more career options. You can work upn to becoming an office manager etc. Go to your boss and say you would like to advance and what would he/she recommend that you do to get to the next level. Maybe it means taking some courses or volunteering for other company initiatives t hat will showcase your talents

LocalHero5: What if I am “yes” to all three steps on the ladder of success but am dismissed from my job? The company cannot afford to keep me on, but I love what I do and where I work. What to do? This is imminent. Any advice appreciated.

Shoya Zichy: At least you know what you want. That is half the battle. just find a similar company and type of job. Make sure you walk out with excellent recommendations f rom your current boss/company stating how valuable you were.

magistra: I seem to fall in an in-between place on the MBTI and on your colors — formerly a textbook INFP (moving in a T direction these days, I think) who was a math major — heavily drawn toward arcana and systems but also needing something with an obvious impact on real people. Right now I’m a teacher and that’s good in some ways but also draws heavily from my weaknesses (I’m a really strong I, even though people often think I’m an E since I *like* people). Ideas?

Shoya Zichy: Sounds like research might be your next area

Jobes: What advice would do you, Shoya, give to a red personality who successfully tackles corporate problem areas but gets burned out after a year or so? thanks.

Shoya Zichy: You are probably too much in a crisis mode too much of the day. Can you find ways of avoiding some of these problems.

Dawn: Hi there, I am beginning to consider an employment change. What are your thoughts abut Recruiters. Are they effective for an Executive?

Shoya Zichy: Yes they can be highly effective. It is preferable if they are on a “retainer” basis. Folks, we’re out of time. Great questions everyone, and thanks for joining us.

Shoya Zichy: Thanks everyone for your excellent questions. check out my book Career Match on amazon and my website Good luck to you all. And good luck to you all – both professionally and personally – in the New Year!

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